PS3 Blinking Red Light 3 Beeps

Sony is not a new name in the electronics industry and we feel no doubt in saying that Sony is the king of the gaming console industry and giving a very tough time to Xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii. Its latest PS3 (Play Station 3) has a strong customer base worldwide who enjoy playing their favorite games. PS3 is a durable product that works smoothly and you enjoy a maximum return in the form of fun, action, adventure, sports, puzzle games right on your play station screen. But as you are aware, there is nothing in this universe which is immortal. Everything stops working and loses its life. The same applies to electronic items like PS3.
Sometimes, Play Station 3 stops working and gives various sorts of signals. You, off the curse, have seen traffic signals on your roads; these signals have been used in a similar fashion in PS3. Sometimes, PS3 gives a red signal, yellow light signal and sometimes green signals. These lights tell the nature of the problem that has caused Play Station to stop working.

Yellow light refers to the Yellow light of death and is denoted by YLOD. While red light refers to the situation when PS3 does not start up and given a red light signal on the display panel along with 3 beeps.

Misconception about Red Light

Some people argue that the red light with 3 beeps is an indication that your Play Station 3 has overheated. This could be due to the fan not working or some other parts leading to heating. As a result, it has damaged your motherboard. In order to repair this, they charge a few dollars. But, this is all the misconception and you should discourage them because if they even do not know themselves, how can they repair your PS3.

What is the real story?

The real reason for PS3 Blinking Red Light 3 Beeps happens due to HDD hard drive problems. Often the connection between motherboard and HDD is lost and we need to rectify that problem.

Guide to rectify PS3 Blinking Red Light 3 Beeps

Before starting, make sure you have unplugged power cable from the electric board. Now, use a screwdriver and pull out a hard drive from your Play Station. Care should be taken when dismantling a hard drive from the system. Try your best not to touch metal parts with your body and with your screwdrivers.

Once hard drive comes out of your PS3, use a high-pressure air blower to clean out the connectors of the hard drive. Please do not try to clean HDD connectors with the screwdriver or anything else. I have seen people using hairpins to scratch out HDD connectors so that they could wipe out dust and rust. This is not going to help you as you may break or tilter the HDD connecting pins and later you may wind up destroying your whole hard drive. Clean with soft and gentle hands and only with air pressure. You may, however, use cleaning solutions that you may get from computer shops to clean circuits and connectors.

After cleaning using air and liquid solution, install the hard drive back to the PS3. Make sure, you have seated it properly, otherwise, it will not work. Startup your play station and you will find that you have successfully removed the PS3 Blinking Red Light 3 Beeps issue within few minutes. Enjoy playing your favorite games once again!