Blogger Interview Question

In every field, you will find people who are experts in their work. Anyone who is willing to start his or her career can take help from these experienced people. It is always recommended to take these expert's people advice as a golden word. It is easy to achieve success by following these golden words.

Apart from this, by publishing other expert's people's interviews, you can engage your readers on the blog.
Interview questions will vary from field to field. Interview questions of a technical person will include questions only for his or her technical field. It means that interview questions of an engineer will be totally different from that of a blogger.

In this article, we will discuss some Blogger Interview Questions that you can use while doing an interview with famous bloggers. Please keep in mind that never publishes your competitor's interview over your blog, otherwise, you will face traffic diversion to his or her blog.

Blogger Interview Question

1. Tell me about you & yourself - This is the most common & always asked a question. It provides a great opportunity to learn about the interviewer, his or her strategy and the thinking process.

2. How you entered into blogging - Blogging is a broad field and requires an entry point into the industry. Often, newbie bloggers remain confused about where to start their careers. A lot of efforts, time and cost get wasted if bloggers find it difficult to find the right blogger themes in experienced website designer in mumbai.

3. What are your strengths - In order to get success, you have to understand the strength. By knowing the strengths of the blogging industry, you can easily set your own route to achieve success. Expert bloggers have a proven track record of success. You can also set your strategy by drawing a SWOT (strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat) analysis. By targeting weaknesses using your strengths, you can capitalize on the opportunities exist in the blogging field.

4. Tell me the major options that you use to increase traffic - A very clever question often ignored by the interviewee. Though, no one can tell you the exact formula for a massive amount of traffic from Google. But, something is better than nothing. At least, you can have some idea how to move ahead and do brainstorming to convert an idea into a practical strategy to generate results.

5. How you manage your time efficiently - The most difficult task to run the blog is the proper management of time. If you have multiple blogs, it becomes very difficult to work with each blog, especially contents are not updated periodically. Apart from this, finding a new topic to write the contents is also very cumbersome & time-consuming. Sometimes, bloggers find no topic to write on.

In this case, expert bloggers guide greatly help. By asking this question from bloggers, you can apply their strategy over your niche to bring compelling content on your blog. Compelling contents are the major source of a massive amount of traffic that any blog can achieve.