Aadhar For Children

Though registration of children is assumed to be worthless, it is as important as for adults. There are so many benefits attached to children's registration. Without knowing the attached benefits, it becomes difficult for the Government to convince parents for a child's registration.

Parents should keep in mind that children are the future of our society. In order to better understand their stats, the Government can make proper plans. If parents do not get register their children with Government authorities, the Government will fail in overcoming problems facing the country.
Children are also issued aadhar number by UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) which is a 12 digit unique number. This is similar to an adult's aadhar number. The only difference between adults & children aadhar card is the color. An adult card is a white color card but on the other hand, the child's card is a blue color card. This is to clearly distinguish the normal and the kid's card for easy understanding and management.

It is the responsibility of the parents to carry their children along with them because children's aadhar is linked with the parent's aadhar. Being a parent, you can handle all the problems during aadhar registration of your child. Often people think that both mother & father have to be along with their kid at the aadhar enrollment centre. But this is wrong.

Anyone, whether a mother or father can be present with the child for aadhar enrollment. This is a great facility for parents because mostly, the father was unable to visit the aadhar Centre due to office timings.

So, mothers can easily visit any aadhar enrollment Centre near their homes with their children. There are no fees for child enrollment like adults. Please note that aadhar for children is not mandatory up to 05 years of age. So, it is up to parent whether they want to enroll their kids in the UIDAI database or not. The importance of download eaadhar for children can be judged from the fact that most of the schools ask this while giving admission to their school. That is why it has become mandatory due to its requirement in the education sector.

In UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India), aadhar for children is called Baal Card. So, it is better to use this name when you visit the aadhar enrollment Centre. You need to submit the child's birth certificate, father or mother aadhar card copy and child's photograph along with the application. If your kid is up to the age of 05 years, there will be no biometric process and at this little age, biometric details change quite frequently.

Once the entire process gets completed, you should expect your kid's aadhar card to be received at your doorstep within a maximum of 60 days. In case of a delay beyond this time period, you should check with the aadhar centre for reasons. Make sure that at the time of application, you give working mobile number so that you could receive updates for the aadhar.