Aadhar For Minor

Minor is considered as the most important segment of the total population in every country. India is not an exception. Actually, this is the segment that is the future of the nation. Over which, the entire future of the economy, education, defense, and everything depends. So, it is there need to take care of this segment and make policies and programs for the better mental development of the minor. The better the mind development of the minor is done, the better the result, the country will enjoy in the long run.

In India, residents are enrolled through UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). UIDAI accomplishes the task of enrollment via its several aadhar enrollment Centre. Any kid up to the age of 5 years is considered as minor in law for aadhar registration. The registration is very similar to adult but few things are skipped that makes the enrollment process more easy and simple and also available at https://www.eaadhar.download/.
UIDAI does not charge any fee for first time enrollment for adults. This is exactly the same for minors. So, parents do not need to be worried about financial issues while enrolling their minor kids. We have seen numerous parents not enrolling their minor kids due to the fear of paying high fees. Please keep in mind that there are no fees involved in the process and if someone asks any type of fees from you, he or she actually is asking for a bribe. So, it is your responsibility to lodge a complaint against such a person.

We would like to highlight one important point in your kind notice that there is no mandatory requirement from the Unique Identification Authority of India to enroll kids for aadhar for the minor. It is totally up to the parents to decide whether they want aadhar for a minor or not. If your minor kid is up to the age of 05 years, it is the parent's turn to go for enrollment or not.

However, parents should keep in mind that aadhar for a minor is required in an educational context. What we would like to highlight here is that various schools do not give admissions to the kids without this important document. That is why this requirement from schools makes this document mandatory for the parents. Apart from this, various free facilities from the Government of India for kids are only available to kids if they submit aadhar card with schools.

It is the right time to inform you here that aadhar for your minor is called Baal card in India. So, if you carry your kids to aadhar enrollment Centre, make sure you use this name so that staff could be aware that they are talking with an educated person. The staff at the Centre will ask for the birth certificate of the minor kid and one of the parent's aadhar card. The purpose here is that the kid's aadhar card is linked with parents for easy management of data in the UIDAI database.

Due to numerous benefits with aadhar for minor, it is the right time to apply aadhar for your kids keeping in view the no fees involved in the process. Do not waste time because time is money.